The Adventures of Dozy, the Teenage Cat

Dozy had just finished a difficult work shift at the “Business Factory”, a small office in a small city in Alaska where she had gotten a job right after graduating high school. The job promised higher than minimum wages but it turned out to be somewhat misleading, she was classified as an “independent contractor” which meant she had to pay increased employment taxes and she did not get health insurance. Normally businesses aren’t allowed to have their contractors work scheduled shifts, but for some reason this business was able to ignore the laws without getting in trouble (which seemed to Dozy to be an attribute many businesses had).

Dozy was hungry, all she had eaten since breakfast was some chips hardly appropriate for her high protein all bird diet. She was worried about her weight, only 2.6Kg, despite being older than her sister she was significantly smaller, but she just never felt hungry enough to eat more than small amounts. She had promised her girlfriend Milky to try to eat healthier but she was not having much success fulfilling the promise. Her work was challenging and it stressed her out making her lose her appetite.

Dozy’s work was to visit public internet forums and antagonize people online all day as part of a psy-ops disinformation campaign started by a media corporation supposedly funded by some three-letter government agency and contracted to the sub-contractor she worked for as part of a campaign to polarize people against each other before political campaigns in order to reduce votes for third party political candidates. Dozy was convinced that her work was effective, she would find errors in peoples post then confidently respond to them with sources she researched in order to de-legitimize them. Then she would login with a different account on another browser and take the opposite argument while using both accounts to upvote each other and push the argument towards whatever political agenda had made a deal with her bosses.

This week the issue was environmentalism, it was a growing issue to all of catkind especially with the youth. They could be difficult to argue with at times as they would just throw out “boomer” as insult referring to old people when ever anyone disagreed with them. It’s not like the insults helped their argument, it just shut down the argument as all ad hominem attacks tend to do. Since days of old even in the times of Cleocatra cats had recognized the benefits of solar energy, lounging in the sun on a patio or patch of grass to recharge their energy, but BSP, British Shorthair Petroleum had other plans for the future of all cats.

Lord Catith, the marketing executive of BSP had taken a visit to the Business Factory today, he was an ornery old cat with hairless patches all over, he and his fur smelled badly of cigarettes and tabacco even when he wasn’t smoking (which was rare). Catith






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